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Post Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:06 pm
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Letting a nitro run with electrics is not the same thing as letting an electric run with the nitros. When we all ran nitro, we could all hear our (equally loud) vehicles. When an electric ran in an existing nitro class, the nitro guys could still hear their vehicles. The electric vehicle did not make so much noise that it drown out all of the other sounds.

But when even a single nitro is allowed to run with the electrics, that single nitro vehicle can drown out all of the other sounds at the track. When that single nitro is running, all that the other drivers can hear is that nitro vehicle. All other sounds are completely drown out by the noise coming from the nitro buggy.

I honestly did not imagine that this would be a problem. However, last year when even one nitro buggy was running, it killed the fun in the 1/8th scale buggy class.

Imagine another example. If a single electric buggy was able to generate 100 times as much noise as the nitro buggies, would nitro buggy drivers have been willing to allow that hypothetically loud electric buggy? I am guessing the answer would be no. Since the electric buggy made very little noise, the nitro buggy drivers had nothing to lose by allowing the electric in nitro buggy class. But if the electric had been so loud that nitro drivers would not have been able to hear their vehicles, I don't think nitro guys would have allowed it.


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