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Club ByLaws, Track Rules, and Class Rules

Post Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:14 pm
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This thread is to discuss club bylaws. The results of this thread will be proposed during a club meeting and then voted on in the club meeting.

The Club ByLaws will define how the club operates. This may include limits and responsibilities of club officers, election process for club officers, if there will be a small annual registration dues in order to vote in the club, limits and procedures regarding club spending, etc. The Club ByLaws will not define class rules or track rules.

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Post Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:54 pm

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Place holder for the official club by-laws.
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Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:26 am

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This is the proposed Club ByLaws.

The club shall be called the “Iowa Fast Track RC (IFTRC)”
The club is a private, non-profit club whose mission is to offer public racing of R/C cars and other public activities as the club deems appropriate to promote the growth of the hobby/sport of R/C model cars.

1) Club Charter
The club charter is as follows:
a. Promote model car racing as a pastime in the Eastern Iowa area
i. Make racing available to a large and varied number of people
ii. Orient club activities to encourage newcomers.
b. Provide an environment and example for young persons to learn sportsmanship and the thrill of competition.
c. Promote and hold races that are organized and encourage family participation.
d. Run races consistently and fairly, utilizing well-published and enforceable rules.
e. Assist in any way all participants to enjoy racing.

2) Membership dues
a. Membership in IFTRC shall be obtained by paying a yearly membership fee of $5.00.
b. Membership earns the member the right to vote on club issues.
c. Membership is not required to participate in any event other than voting on club matters.
d. Membership does not result in any discounts when participating in racing events.
e. Yearly dues will be due in December and membership will run from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st.
f. If a member joins after Jan. 1st, the fees will not be pro-rated and their membership will be valid until the following Dec. 31st.

3) Elected Officers and Responsibilities (Must be Members)
a. President
i. Insure club activities and decisions are consistent with club charter.
ii. Conduct professional meetings.
iii. Delegate duties to club members.
iv. The authority to represent the club and enforce a judgment of conditions that are detrimental to the club when time does not allow for a formal meeting of the club.
b. Vice President
i. Fulfill duties in president’s absence.
ii. Be accountable to the club for promotion of club activities.
iii. Take and publish meeting minutes and be accountable for club mailings, race records and club correspondence.
c. Treasurer
i. To provide a full accounting of club funds at club meetings.
ii. Provide financial interface with other national organization (if club is registered), and others on behalf of race participants.
iii. Provide financial function in collection and distribution of club funds.
d. Rules/Tech Committee
i. To establish, and get adapted by vote, rules to govern all classes of racing.
ii. To enforce all class rules at all racing events.
iii. Publish adapted rules in a separate document controlled by the committee.
e. Race Director On-Road
i. To run the race event in an efficient manner
ii. Make adjustments to event schedule if deemed necessary.
iii. Race director will have final say in all rules interpretation and conflict resolutions when it applies to the race event.
iv. Maintain a copy of ROAR rules at all events.
f. Race Director Off-Road
i. To run the race event in an efficient manner
ii. Make adjustments to event schedule if deemed necessary.
iii. Race director will have final say in all rules interpretation and conflict resolutions when it applies to the race event.
iv. Maintain a copy of ROAR rules at all events.
g. Race Director On-Road and Race Director Off-Road can be the same person is so elected.

4) The club shall elect officers in the following manner:
a. Any member can nominate any other member including themselves.
b. All officers will be voted on in a December meeting. Officers will take responsibility immediately after positions have been established.
c. The officers will serve for one calendar year from date of election or beyond that time until a new election may be held.
d. Should the President, Vice President or Treasurer step down from the responsibilities of their elected position, the next officer in line will fill the vacated position until the next general election of the club. If no officer is in line to fill the position, the President will nominate a member and will require a majority vote by remaining officers.
e. If one Rules/Tech Committee member steps down the position will remain vacated until the next general election.
f. If two or more Rules/Tech Committee members step down, the President will pick new members to fill the positions.
g. If a Race Director steps down, the President will pick a new member to fill the position.

5) Limitations of Endorsement:
a. IFTRC is not directly affiliated with any business entity nor does IFTRC specifically endorse a business entity beyond any promotion due as agreed in compensation for event or activity sponsorship as may be provided by any interested business entity.
b. IFTRC does not endorse or promote race events other than those specifically scheduled and/or sanctioned by IFTRC.
c. Any event where entry fees are paid directly to IFTRC shall be considered an “IFTRC Event”.
d. Any event where IFTRC is in some way directly compensated pursuant to an agreement with the IFTRC Officers, by majority vote, shall be “IFTRC Endorsed”.
e. Any other event is NOT an IFTRC event and neither the Iowa Fast Track RC name nor IFTRC acronym should be used in conjunction with such an event.
f. If IFTRC does not have specific input into the conduct of the event it is in no way connected with IFTRC.

6) Disbursement of Funds.
a. Ongoing expenses, as a part of running races, will be allowed without Voting Membership approval as long as such expenses have been previously outlined in a club business meeting (i.e. trophies, refreshments, rents for race facilities, etc.), voted upon and documented in meeting minutes.
b. Unusual expenses for major items (i.e. P.A. systems, new stands, etc.) over $100 will require a documented member vote approval.
c. Unforeseen emergency expenses critical to club activities may be committed to and paid, if approved, by any five officers and will be fully explained to the membership at the next club meeting.
d. Any one expense shall be greater than $10 but not to exceed $100. The club Treasurer, if not one of the five approving officers, must be notified by telephone if possible, and if not, must be notified by phone or e-mail as soon as possible after the expense incurs. (E-mail must be followed-up with a phone call).
e. In no event shall the club commit to expenses without adequate cash on hand to cover the expenses.
f. A club member can make a personal donation so cash is available to handle an expense.
g. Any club expenses $10 or under may be incurred by authority of an officer with full explanation at regular club meetings.
h. All voting will be done by show of hand in scheduled meetings. The meeting notice must be published at least two weeks before meeting date.

7) Items requiring majority vote of club members:
a. Majority vote will be considered obtained if 75% of members have voted, and at least 50% of the voting members vote for the measure.
b. Major purchases.
c. Entering into written contracts (i.e. leases, etc).
d. Adoption of new rules or changes in previously adopted rules.
e. Nomination for and election of club officers.
f. The discharge of members found unfit.
g. Changes in by-law, if approved for vote by officers. (a major re-write will be conducted with the approval of all officers at any time it is deemed appropriate).

8) Items requiring majority vote of club members present at any club meeting:
a. Purchase of items for a race series or special club activities ($100 or more).
b. Adoption of race schedules, times and fees.
c. Major changes in track design or character after initial yearly design change at the beginning of each season. (excludes regular maintenance)

9) Discharge members:
a. The club is a private club and as such reserves the right to choose its members. The club has the right to discharge those who are found unfit. “Unfit” is defined as follows:
i. Any behavior that is repeatedly in conflict with the club.
ii. Those who intentionally undermine activities being offered by the club.
iii. Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct.
b. The process for discharge is as follows:
i. One or more club members may request a vote on another club member’s fitness at any regular meeting.
ii. Two officers will notify the accused member in writing of the nature of the complaint after review. His or her accusers will be offered two minutes to explain the complaint. The member will be offered an opportunity to be heard for a two-minute period at the next meeting. A vote will be taken and the Vice President will tabulate votes. The findings will be sent in writing to the accused member and finally announced to the membership.
iii. Any member discharged by vote will forfeit their membership fees.
iv. Any discharged member can be reinstated if they request to be reinstated at any meeting after the New Year and the majority of the members in attendance agree to reinstatement.

10) Illegal drugs
a. Possession or use of illegal drugs BY ANY PERSON, RACE PARTICIPANT OR NOT, at any IFTRC event or on sites where IFTRC events are being held WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. “SITE” shall include anywhere on the property, indoors or outdoors.
b. Anyone observed possessing or using illegal drugs shall be immediately ejected from the premises. Behavior of this sort cannot and will not be tolerated under any circumstances by IFTRC or our host facilities.
c. First violation of this policy shall result in a one-month suspension from any official IFTRC event.
d. Second violation of this policy shall result in the offender being permanently barred from participating in any official IFTRC event.
e. After one calendar year the IFTRC Board shall review any written petition for re-instatement of barred persons and vote whether to reinstate that person’s privilege to participate in IFTRC events or to uphold the ban for another year at which time the Board will again review a new written petition.

11) Insurance
a. IFTRC will carry an insurance policy for all events. The insurance policy will be for a minimum of $1,000,000 and cover all participants at the event. This will include drivers, track workers and any spectators. All people on the grounds of the event and are affiliated with the event will be covered.

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Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:06 pm

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From my understanding... the insurance doesnt cover spectators or bystanders... only persons physically on the track... correct? If so... that section needs changed

Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:36 pm

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What currently is, doesn't matter. The bylaws need to be set up for what we need to do in the future. In my opinion, the insurace needs to cover everyone in attendence. It is not right or fair to expect the property owner's insurance to cover people in the pits.

Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:51 pm

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Also need to address smoking as in not buring down the bean field or barn and such and such.

Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:47 pm

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The smoking will be covered in the racing rules. I hope to have a set up on Sunday.

Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:52 pm

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irishracing31 wrote:
What currently is, doesn't matter. The bylaws need to be set up for what we need to do in the future. In my opinion, the insurace needs to cover everyone in attendence. It is not right or fair to expect the property owner's insurance to cover people in the pits.

I disagree. Insurance should cover just the racers/marshals. Spectators is an at your own risk type of thing. There were signs posted last year regarding that. Otherwise, you may have an insurance bill too big for the club to cover.
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Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:07 pm
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I see your point about the club not having enough funds to get enough insurance to cover everybody at the event. However, I don't think the club is safe if the club's insurance does not cover spectators. What happens if a spectator gets hurt and then sues the venue because the club's insurance did not cover the problem? I'm guessing that the club would get kicked out of the venue. It would probably be a good idea to find out what the insurance would cost to include more racers and the spectators. If we cannot afford to properly insure the spectators, we might want to stop encouraging spectators to come to the racing events.

Post Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:17 pm

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Post signs that spectators are watching at their own risk. That is what any big car track does. By showing up, you are assuming responsibility for any injuries. Now in order to protect the club, we would need to put in safety measures to keep the spectators safe unless they were in areas they weren't supposed to be or doing something they shouldn't be doing. Maybe a taller fence to protect the bleachers. The insurance should just cover the participants whether they are racers or marshals.
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