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January 1, 2015 - Cancelled

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Post Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:05 pm
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There will be a big fun indoor race on January 1, 2015 at the Dubuque RC track. It will be road course racing all day. They are debating whether to do a money race or a trophy race on January 1, and asked us for our feedback. What is everybody's preference?

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I personally would like the idea of money, either way it always seems to be the same people you just can't beat, but hopefully it will draw more people with the possibility of going home with some extra cash in their pockets.

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Doesn't matter to me either way. I'm up for whatever

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This was brougth up in the Nov. 9th race thread.
Here is the information regarding a money race posted in that thread.

* The proposed race for Jan. 1 (1st on the 1st.) would be a trophy and pay back race. Entry fees would be $25 per class with $10 going back into the pot. The money in the pot for each class would be paid back to the drivers per their finish in the mains. They typically pay back everyone in the A main and some of the B main drivers. We can discuss it at the next drivers meeting if people are interested in something like this.

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NOTICE: The January 1st event is canceled. There was not enough commitment from to cover costs for the day.

Our next On Road Race day will be on Sunday, Dec 28th.

Dubuque Fairgrounds RC Raceway.
Larry, Dan, Denny & Craig

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Ok. I will let people around here know that the Jan 1 race is cancelled. See you guys at the track on the 28th.

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