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Indoor Racing in Dubuque - December 14, 2014

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Indoor Racing in Dubuque - December 14, 2014

Racers from Iowa Fast Track RC will be indoor RC racing on a carpet track with DFRCR at the Dubuque Fairgrounds near Dubuque, IA on Sunday, December 14, 2014. There are plenty of chairs and tables at the track, and the pits are well lit. The big classes will by USGT, VTA, 1/16 Revo, 17.5 Touring Car, and Novice.

DFRCR / Dubuque RC Racing Details
Facebook: ... 0769803921
Track Address:
Dubuque Fairgrounds
14569 Old Highway Road
Dubuque, IA 52002

The track is in the building to the left of the "4H Building" at the Dubuque Fairgrounds.

Times on Race Day
9:00AM - Doors officially open and open practice begins
11:00AM - Racing starts (will have two qualifiers and then the mains)
3:00PM - Racing is done (this time is approximate)

VTA (full national rules at top in "Trans Am Class Rules and Specifications")
USGT (full national rules at bottom in "USGT Class Rules and Specifications" / USGT Setup Tips)
17.5 TC (ROAR Rules)
1/16 Revo (DFRCR Rules )
Novice (run what you have)

Tire Sauce (Traction Compound)
These three tire sauces are allowed. No other tire sauce is allowed.
1) Trinity EPIC “Sticky Fingers” Odorless Tire Traction Formula (part number TRITEP5000)
2) Corally SXT (part number SXT00030)
3) Bite

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Who's going? I will be there regardless of my moving. Its only a 3 hour drive, that won't stop me. I have been having a blast racing at DFRCR! Great group of guys and a fun track.

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Pretty sure I now have a sitter for the kiddo so I will be making this race as well :D

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I am planning to race USGT at the Dec 14 race.

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One week until the next indoor race. Post some pictures of your cars. Let's build some buzz.

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New shell after the failure of Tamiya paint on the last one :(

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The Shark and I will be there.
I will be bringing up the rear in USVTA and The Shark will be battling in USGT.

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